Areas of Use


iSandBOX is well-regarded by many kindergartens, schools, psychology and therapy centers and even science museums.

As an educational tool iSandBOX is great for fun and interactive lessons about environment, nature and science where kids can build landscapes, learn colors and figures, observe different natural phenomena and do many other interesting things.

  • Preschools and Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Childhood development center

For entertainment activities augmented reality is a more usual term: there are a lot of gaming equipment powered by AR technology.

In comparison with others, iSandBOX is based on sandplay therapy and is harmless for health as it is screen free. Moreover, it has 13 interactive modes that entertain children of all ages. iSandBOX can be easily transformed into a vending machine by adding a coin/bill acceptor or a swiper that allows amusement parks and indoor play centers to increase the revenue.

  • Amusement parks
  • Indoor play areas
  • Play rooms for children
  • Family centers

iSandBOX is a phenomenal tool for presentation activities because of its visibility and simplicity.

Build landscapes to demonstrate different natural phenomena, geology and seismology objects and effects, topography features and make your exhibits interesting for the audience. For marketing it can be used as a colorful and extraordinary tool – use the drawing mode to create bright diagrams or other graphical representations of any data.

  • Museums
  • Science centers
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade fairs
  • Marketing agencies

Sandplay is known as a widespread therapeutic method that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing.

During sand therapy a person can engage with the outer and inner world, improve concentration, social skills, motor development. iSandBOX with its colorful modes allows to increase the efficiency of therapy sessions making it more functional and interesting for wider audience.

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Psychology centers
  • Therapy offices
  • Retirement Homes