• What are the physical characteristics of an interactive Sandbox?

    At the moment, the sandbox comes in four versions: Standard, Mini, Small (sand reservoir with projector and depth sensor) and Lite (metal box with projector, depth sensor and PC installed inside).

    • iSandBOX Standard dimensions: W*H*D = 170cm * 250cm * 130cm. Weight: 160kg
    • iSandBOX Mini dimensions: W*H*D = 116cm * 206cm * 94cm Weight: 130kg
    • iSandBOX Small dimensions: W*H*D = 107cm * 220cm * 78cm. Weight: 27kg
    • iSandBOX  Lite dimensions: W*H*D = 46cm x 36,5cm x 27cm. Weight: 16kg
  • What is best place to install the interactive sandbox?

    Any places, where there are a lot of children: cafes, children’s game rooms and playgrounds, cinemas, shopping centers, kindergartens, schools, museums and exhibitions.

  • Which sand is better to use in the interactive sandbox?

    Regular small or medium fraction certified washed river sand. It is not too fine, nice to the touch and does not create a lot of dust. The lighter the sand, the better and brighter the projection.

    Kinetic (polymeric) sand is not recommended, as it is very expensive and turns to stone. The best substitutes for sand are paper pulp, rice or salt.

  • What do I do if the sandbox stops working?

    Please contact us, and you will get response in less than 24 hours from UTS technical support.

  • How do I assemble iSandBOX?

    The detailed instructions describing how to build a sandbox step by step should be included with your iSandBOX. All necessary tools and fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers) are also included. If anything is lacking, please contact us. Every product is assembled, tested, reassembled and packed before the shipment.

  • What warranty do you provide?

    The warranty period for iSandBOX is 12 months. If any component of iSandBOX fails during this period, it will be replaced free of charge including shipping costs. The warranty does not cover physical damage or failure caused by moisture penetration or low temperatures. Warranty card with all the details and conditions is included with your iSandBOX

  • Can iSandBOX be manufactured in a different housing of different dimensions?

    Yes, it is absolutely possible. UTS has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing equipment and branding and can develop an individual housing using various materials: metal, glass, plastic, wood, rubber, leather and other.

  • What is the production period for iSandBOX?

    The production of iSandBOX takes 20 business days.

  • What are the delivery terms for iSandBOX?

    iSandBOX is usually delivered by Air Freight in a wooden container, to the closest international airport or door-to-door. Sea or Land freights are also possible for larger volumes. Delivery rate includes packaging, shipment, insurance and customs documents. It is calculated individually for each destination and volume.

  • What is iSandBOX power consumption?

    The sandbox is powered by a 220 V power outlet. The Standard and Mini versions have a computer with a 450 W power supply (bill acceptor and sensor are powered from the computer) + 270 W projector + 60 W monitor, total: 780 W. The Lite version power consumption is 720 W.

  • Can I rent iSandBOX for my event or business?

    Yes, please fill the contact form to request a proposal.