• Does iSandBOX meet The CE requirements?

    Yes. Certificate of Conformity issued by an accredited body and EU Declaration of Conformity are available upon request.

  • What is iSandBOX power consumption?

    The sandbox supports voltages from 100 to 240 V. The computer in Standard and Mini is equipped with a 450W power supply and the bill acceptor and the sensor are powered from the computer. The power consumption is as follows: computer 230W + projector 270W + monitor 60W, total: 560 W. The Lite version power consumption is 500W (no monitor).

    With the augmented reality sandbox we provide power cables according to the power supply standards of each country.

  • What are the delivery terms for iSandBOX?

    The AR sandobx is usually delivered to customers in plywood crates but it also possible to package the product in a foamed polyethylene wrapped with cardboard. We arrange AR sandbox shipping by air to the closest international airport (on CIP basis of Incoterms-2010), or door-to-door (DAP basis). It takes only several days to deliver the equipment to most distant locations. Land or sea deliveries are sometimes feasible for larger volumes, but obviously take more time. The shipment rate is calculated individually for each destination and AR sandbox shipment volume. It depends on the Incoterm selected, and may include packaging, international delivery, insurance and customs clearance. We collaborate with many international freight-forwarding companies, and choose the best delivery option for every customer.

  • How long does it take to manufacture an iSandBOX?

    It takes 14+ business days for us to manufacture an augmented reality sandbox.

  • What is the best place to install the augmented reality sandbox?

    Any place visited by a lot of children: schools and kindergartens, museums, cafes, children’s game rooms, indoor playgrounds, child care centers, cinemas, shopping centers, exhibitions. In order to ensure bright and clear projection on the sand surface, install the augmented reality sandbox equipment in a shadowed place.

  • What is the difference in modes between different iSandBOX models?

    The software package is the same for each iSandBOX model. Each augmented reality sandbox model is supplied with a default package of 16 basic modes. The number of modes may be increased up to 25 as an extra package.

  • Which sand is better to use in the augmented reality sandbox?

    iSandBOX is supplied without sand because most of the time local sources of sand can be easier found and are less costly. If necessary, we can help you identify the suppliers in your area.

    For your augmented reality sandbox, we recommend using regular small or medium fraction washed sand – river, sea beach, or quartz. When touched, it should give a pleasant feeling, and does not produce much dust. You can use certified sand for augmented reality sandbox playgrounds.

    The lighter the sand color, the better the projection. However, please notice that a snow-white sand with glassy particles may result in blurred image due to optical refraction.

    The sand can be dry or, if you are willing to create more sophisticated shapes and objects, be damped with several liters of water.

    When after a while the sand in the augmented reality sandbox becomes saturated with impurities, we recommended completely replacing it. That can be done once in several months.

    Regular sand proved to be the best substance for iSandBOX, though some of our customers tried salt, rice, paper pulp and even artificial snow as a substitute. Before trying any alternatives, we recommend to experiment with small quantities first.

    Kinetic (polymeric) sand is not recommended for augmented reality sandboxes, because it is costly and it would cement soon.

  • What do I do if the augmented reality sandbox stops working?

    Please contact our Technical Support, and we will reply as soon as possible.

  • How do I assemble the iSandBOX?

    Your iSandBOX will include detailed step-by-step instructions describing how to build the augmented reality sandbox. All necessary tools and fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers) are also included. If anything is missing, please contact our Technical Support. We assemble, test, disassemble and pack every augmented reality sandbox before shipping.

  • Can I buy augmented reality software separately?

    When purchasing a software package, study the PC requirements and check with your manager at UTS that your system matches them. After purchasing the augmented reality sandbox software you will receive a link to download the installation kit, your personal ID and access password to activate your software license. If necessary, UTS Technical Support will remotely assist you with augmented reality sandbox software installation and depth sensor calibration.

  • What warranty do you provide?

    The warranty period for iSandBOX is 12 months. If any component of the augmented reality sandbox fails during this period, UTS will replace it free of charge. We assume all the expenses for replacing the failed unit, including the shipping costs. The augmented reality sandbox warranty does not cover physical damage or failures caused by moisture penetration or low temperatures. A warranty card with all the terms and conditions is included with your augmented reality sandbox.

  • Can iSandBOX be manufactured in a different housing or different dimensions?

    Yes, it is absolutely possible. UTS has vast experience in designing and manufacturing equipment and branding elements. For your augmented reality sandbox, we can develop customized housing using various materials: metal, glass, plastic, wood, rubber, leather, etc.

  • At what height should iSandBOX Lite be installed?

    The Lite version should be installed vertically, camera down, parallel to the floor, at the center of a sand container. The distance between the sand container bottom and the augmented reality sandbox sensor should be 170-180 cm. The area of the projected image changes depending on the height at which the augmented reality sandbox is installed.

  • How much sand is required for the Standard version?

    The recommended amount of sand for this augmented reality sandbox is 200-220 kg.